Finding own place always comes from the having something in common.

Our mission is to create a place where you belong.
Building a slick space where people can connect with one another.

An app that lets you talk to friends of the same age, about the same interests and likes. Relax and connect with friends, without stress. Everyone can find a place on the Internet.


A data management platform combining AI and human power. A one-stop platform for annotation support, turning AI filters into APIs, and human involvement in final checks and relearning for anything that slips through the cracks.


A content moderation API platform combining AI and human power. Inappropriate content on community-based apps are screened using a hybrid system of AI and human power.

AI co-development

Our company's strength lies in image/video analysis, object detection, OCR solutions, and facial recognition. We conduct research and development according to our customers' requests and intended use.


A solution that combines a camera with facial recognition, used for a wide range of purposes including user surveys, VIP alerts, and security for crime prevention. Let us know your envisioned usage.

C to C platform co-development

We have experience in support for the development of a personal trading platform for large-format second-hand books. We perform development of C-to-C platforms matched to our customers' requests and intended use.

SNS co-development

We operate multiple comprehensive communities that total over six million posts per day. We perform community development that meets our customers' requests and intended use.