Finding own place always comes from the having something in common.

Our mission is to create a place where you belong.
Building a slick space where people can connect with one another.

Social networking service for students only. An app that let's you chat with peers about the interests you share. A place to relax, be yourself, and enjoy connecting with friends.


Make a memory video filled with a mash up of all your photos. Turn all your carefree days into a lasting memory, in just a few minutes. Be sure to give it a try.


All images that are unfit for the community will be removed in 24 hours automatically by system and human checks. Get started just by embedding a few lines of code into your service. A community app that works for everyone.

Minigraph (Developing)

An app tool that can analyze instagram photos. It analyses the contents of your post as well as the image itself to provide valuable information about your fans.

Original Community

Build your own community easily with us. We help many of customers to create highest quality SNS with our comprehensive community engine.

C2C Market Platform

Marketplace in Consumer to Consumer concept. We can make your idea to own C2C marketplace comes to real, our C2C platform combines many features and customizable to your needs.