The biggest problem in the world today is loneliness.

Living in Japan, life problems are practically nonexistent. New technology is being created by the year, transportation networks are strong, our towns are clean, and cheap, high quality food and clothing are in abundance.

Yet even in this privileged environment, tens of thousands of people commit suicide each year, and one in every fifteen people suffers from depression.

We believe that the best solution to this problem is to create new social networking spaces, cut off from the real world, where people can feel at home.

That means tackling loneliness by broadening people's worlds, creating places they fit in, and, through communication, ending discrimination. By doing this, we believe we will change people, change society, and solve society's biggest problem; that of loneliness.

Talking night after night about your interests, occasionally sharing your troubles, occasionally spending a weekend together. We hope to create a fun place where you belong, full of friends you can trust, respect, and love In the Nanameue way.

CEO Takahiro Ishihama