Why you should work at nanameue?

1. Be professional
Don't be a big fish in a small pond, get to know the vast ocean! Our international team of professionals in diverse fields are hard at work in Tokyo. Their cooperative, humble approach will support your development.
2. Giving your best
You will be surrounded by people who are not satisfied with the status quo and have high expectations. By incorporating the latest technology and working diligently, new models are constantly being created. Give your best to create a better world.
3. Free and Open
Each member has their own responsibilities and freedoms based on their positions. Thus, an environment for making a big impact with a small team is achieved.
4. A global career
Half of the employees, whose average age is 26, do not speak Japanese. The common tools are all in English, which is the official company language. We promise a career with a global outlook.


Wanna be one of us? here is Nanameue's 7 principles

Doubt common knowledge and look for the truth
Let's understand the roots of the present common knowledge and doubt them, in order to find the truth that is hidden within them. By staying curious, we can keep on creating "nanameue" projects for the world.
Love the users and communicate with them
Everything is made for the users who love our products. Let's communicate with them to understand their feelings and problems, in order to provide them with an ever-better service.
Take responsibility and act autonomously
Let's take responsibility for our own actions, without pushing our mistakes onto people or making excuses. Let's become good grown-ups.
Respect and trust the team
Let's give respect and trust to our team's members. Let's make an effort to approve of diversity and of differences in ideals in order to make the most out of our varied points of view.
Work smart
Let's make an effort not to repeat mistakes. Let's continuously think of new efficient, simple methods to work and try to apply them.
Focus on results
Money and time are limited resources. There is no point in working if there are no results.
Stay humble and keep on learning
A Japanese proverb says that a clueless frog, despite having full knowledge of the well inside which it lives, still knows nothing of the ocean. Let's not become that frog. Let's never get satisfied with our current situation, always seeking to learn new things and to improve.

We like to be happy, healthy, and inspired

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Hello from the other side, of course we support foreigners

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Required skills / experience

Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, HTML5, CSS, ReactJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

Android Engineer

Java, Kotlin, JSON, REST-based APIs

Web/Mobile Application Designer

Sketch, UI, UX, Graphic design

Customer Support Representative

Customer Support Representative to help our customers who using our products